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lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Comprar esculturas Lladro y Swarovski Crystal World Andorra T.+376673785

SWAROVSKI MAGIC OF DANCE ISADORA 2002 Swarovski, Collectors Society Magic of Dance annual editions. Isadora Duncan, Antonio Ruiz, and Anna Pavlova the Russian Ballerina.
Swarovski Swarovski Isadora Magic Of Dance. Status: Retired | Condition:In Original Packaging | Edition:Annual Edition | Edition Size: Limited Edition 2002. http://www.andorrart.com/blogdart/  SWAROVSKI MAGIC OF DANCE ANTONIO 2003 Swarovski Antonio - 7400 200 300 / 606 441 and Crystal Swarovski plus Discount, Discontinued, Retired Swarovski Crystal.  http://www.andorrart.com/blogdart/
SWAROVSKI WONDERS OF THE SEA ETERNITY The three Swarovski AE's in the Wonders of the Sea trilogy are Harmony, Eternity, and Community. This trilogy was unique in a number of ways . 2006 Annual Swarovski Society Piece; 2nd in a series of 3. Designed by Michael Stamey. Eternity - Clear, from the "Wonder of the Sea" collection. http://www.andorrart.com/blogdart/   SWAROVSKI WONDERS OF THE SEA COMMUNITY http://www.andorrart.com/blogdart/    SWAROVSKI MAGIC OF DANCE ANNA 2004 Anna Designed by Anton Hirzinger, Anna is the Last of Magic of Dance Trilogy and the series of Human Figurines, Thankfully! Designed by Anton Hirzinger, Anna is the Last of Magic of Dance Trilogy and the series of Human Figurines, Thankfully!  Anna was designed to represent Anna Pavlova & is 7 ½” (187mm) tall x 2 inches Wide x 8 inches Long, made from clear crystal with a yellow crystal sash.   Etched with 04AS & the Swan logo, she was issued and retired in 2004, for $370.  Current Secondary Value is approximately $300.00.  http://www.andorrart.com/blogdart/   SWAROVSKI COLLECTORS DISPLAY A 7400 NR 200 404 663596 Newly Listed NIB SWAROVSKI ANNA'S JEWEL BOX 7400 200 405 SCS. The item is .... Swarovski 2004 ANNA'S Ballet Shoes #663596 RETIRED. MIB Swarovski Crystal Anna's Ballet Shoes #7400 NR 200 404 RETIRED Anna Pavlova.     http://www.andorrart.com/blogdart/    Empresa web especializada en la venta de Arte, entre nuestro catálogo tenemos esculturas de LLADRÓ, esculturas de SWAROVSKI, escultura y pintura de JOSEP MARIA SUBIRACHS y pintura de JOSEP PUIGMARTI http://www.andorrart.com andorrart@gmail.com  info@andorrart.com T.+376673785

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