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lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Yesterday David Mihm was pointing out on Twitter that Google had created a number of new city sites or portals

Yesterday David Mihmwas pointing out on Twitter that Google had created a number of new. They appear to be the phoenix rising out of the ashes of Hotpot. As I wrote yesterday on my own blog, this is Google’s effort to bring a number of initiatives together in a single place: Places Pages, Offers, Mobile, Events and promotion of its ads/services to local business owners.
Google has created an appealing directory of local businesses and things to do in cities. The new sites are an extension and logical evolution of what Google has been doing in local. These city sites are also much more user friendly in some ways than Google Maps itself.

Just a Few Cities — for Now

As Mihm points out Google appears to be indexing these sites in search results. Right now they’re hard to find through Google search and any prominence in SERPs will likely create an outcry (Google referring traffic to its own properties). If you search, for example, on “Portland” or “things to do in Portland” or “restaurants Portland”  you won’t find them. You have to know they exist. And they appear to exist in just a handful of cities, though more will be coming.
Here are four examples:

Portland “the Flagship”

Among them, Portland is the most fully realized of these sites because it’s the city where Google Offers has launched.

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