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domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Digital Marketing Communications is a growing sector and the number of opportunities being advertised, both existing and newly created roles, is increasing every day.

Digital Marketing Communications is a growing sector and the number of opportunities being advertised, both existing and newly created roles, is increasing every day. This programme will introduce students to the latest advances in digital and data based marketing preparing them for career success.
The program is taught across four terms and covers core concepts like Strategic Planning and Consumer Behaviour as well as specialist topics like Integrated Marketing Communications and Web-Marketing: Metrics, Analysis and Evaluation.

Programme Structure

  Duration Modules Award

Term 1 3 Months
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing

Term 2 3 Months
  • Internet and Digital Marketing Communications
  • Web-Marketing: Metrics, Analysis and Evaluation
Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Term 3 6 Months
  • Management Research Methodology
  • Final Project (Dissertation)
MSc in Digital Marketing Degree

Term 4


  • Strategic PlanningCollapse
    This module will broaden student knowledge of the ways in which an organisation develops its strategy process and resources effective allocations. The module will also outline how proper strategic planning processes should be carried out. Concepts and topics such as SWOT, PEST, STEER and EPISTEL analysis (among other business strategy concepts) will be explored.
  • Consumer BehaviourCollapse
    In order to effectively market products and services, it is essential to get to know the customer first. By understanding consumer behaviour, an MSc Marketing student would be able to take effective decisions regarding products, price promotion and distribution in order to improve marketing campaigns and support the overall firm's strategic planning.
    Topics such as the factors that influence consumer behaviour, concept of culture, social stratification, motivation and personality, purchase behaviour, and eConsumer behaviour will be examined in this module.
  • Marketing ManagementCollapse
    As a business discipline, marketing management is essential for an organisation's resource management and the overall strategic planning, as it is designed to maximise the revenues and profits of the firm.
    From this module review, the student will gain authentic marketing practice while studying the intellectual and basics of marketing. Concepts such as marketing mix, product market/matrix, product segmentation, product planning and development, distribution planning and pricing strategy are just some of the topics covered.
  • Integrated Marketing CommunicationsCollapse
    The Integrated Marketing Communications module introduces students to the concept and application of integrating the elements of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and other aspects of the marketing mix to support the overall marketing strategy. Emphasis is placed on linking the fundamentals of marketing, and executing a comprehensive, integrated marketing communication program from message development through media selection.
  • Internet and Digital Marketing CommunicationsCollapse
    This module is designed to help students to develop their knowledge as to how to apply digital media such as the web, email, mobile and interactive TV in order to effectively market a firm's products and services.
  • Web-Marketing: Metrics, Analysis and EvaluationCollapse
    In this module, students will recognise web sites as a profitable channel where marketing and sales effort can be exploited. In addition, students will identify key areas and technologies that could help towards web site optimisation and will get to know how to measure and monitor online customer interaction.
  • Management Research MethodologyCollapse
    In Management Research Methodology, students will be provided with a detailed framework and guidance for preparing their Final Project (Dissertation). Concepts such as research processes, types of research, research methodology, and sources of collection and analysis of data will all be reviewed.
  • Final Project (Dissertation)Collapse
    The aim of the dissertation is to show the student's ability to carry out detailed research, conduct critical thinking and provide solutions for a specific problem. This final project allows students to develop a project based around their specific career aspirations or using a real-life project.

The MSc in Digital Marketing is a highly relevant innovative degree that prepares students for success in an ever changing professional field. Standing out from the crowd is essential, and the MSc in Digital Marketing provides a powerful skill set that will raise your value with potential employers.
You can also study you degree alongside the CIM professional qualification as a Dual Programme. Dual Programmes combine LSBF's internationally recognised degrees with industry-standard qualifications giving you a greater range of career opportunities.
You can find out more about career opportunities for MSc in Digital Marketing graduates by visiting the Career Direction page.

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